We plan events that showcase creative people in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse. The idea behind this is to give artists a platform to perform and get back in touch with their passion to create, whether it be music, visual arts, dance, photography...pretty much anything can be considered a form of art! The vivid stories told through art and music serve as inspiration for anyone who understands the pain of living with the disease of addiction. We then use funds raised at these events to support the cause and fight addiction in the community in various ways.


Speaker & Performers

We bring our artists and musicians into local treatment centers, recovery houses and community centers to share their stories of addiction and recovery through spoken word, art and music.


Instrument & Art Supply Donations

We have various instruments, art supplies and related literature available for recovering addicts and alcoholics. We provide the tools necessary to help people explore their talents and creativity. We also donate instruments and art supplies to local recovery houses and treatment centers.


Community Outreach

We bring warm clothes and food donated at our events to those in need throughout our community.

How To Get Involved

If you are interested participating or learning more about our services, please contact us!